Halifax International French School

Host families

Becoming a host family

During the 2024-2025 academic year, LIFPA will welcome 60 young people from Europe (mostly from France) for 3-month, 6-month or 11-month mobilities. These young people want to be welcomed into a family to live in a safe environment, improve their English and discover life in Nova Scotia.

Why shouldn't you?

  • You discover another culture through a young person and introduce them to your own.
  • This young person is a real asset for your family to share and exchange ideas.
  • Support your community and promote the beauty and richness of Nova Scotia
  • Expand your international network of friends, and join the LIFPA host family community!
  • Win a new family member at heart

What does it take to become a host family?

  • A single, available room
  • Internet access
  • Nutritious meals and snacks (school lunches are provided by LIFPA)
  • Access to school buses / public transport
  • Provide an extract from the criminal record

What is expected of families?

  • Integrate the new member into your family’s daily life, family events, etc.
  • Enable young guests to experience Canadian/Acadian culture
  • Talk to him/her in English and support his/her progress in English
  • Consider the young person as a member of the family. The young person agrees to respect your family’s rules and habits

Who are the young people we welcome?

Students who enroll at LIFPA want to immerse themselves in a predominantly English-speaking environment, discover a different culture and history, while continuing their studies in a well-known system and an ambitious school that will open many doors for them for the rest of their career.

Mostly aged between 12 and 18, these young people from France and Europe have been interviewed by our France and Europe coordinators. Selected on the basis of their academic records and after a personality study, they can’t wait to get here!

What is the financial aspect of hosting?

LIFPA covers participants’ insurance, health cover and certain school-related expenses (school lunches and transport). A monthly allowance of $800 per young person is paid to the host family.

What's LIFPA's role in hosting?

We are responsible for the students we place with families. LIFPA, through a dedicated person, is there to guide families through the enrolment procedure and accompany them during the student’s stay (before arrival, on arrival), with a monthly update and daily availability if needed. LIFPA takes care of students’ schooling and related needs.

A dedicated coordinator in Halifax

  • On site in Halifax
  • Present from registration to departure.
  • Dedicated support throughout your stay
  • Answers all your questions
  • Facilitates the student's arrival, is present if translation or mediation is required.
  • In contact with the student every day at LIFPA, individual monthly review with you
  • Ongoing support

A European coordinator

  • Based in France
  • Meet future departure candidates
  • Knows students and their families
  • Acts as an intermediary between the natural family and the foster family, as needed
  • In constant liaison with the Halifax coordinator

A European coordinator

  • A team that listens and is available.
  • Knows the student and follows his/her needs within the school.
  • If you need further urgent assistance, a 24/7 hotline is available.

The different stages in becoming a host family

Once these steps have been validated, we’ll work together to find a student who matches your profile. Once your choice has been confirmed, you can get to know the new member of your family via a dedicated 30-minute video that we host.