Halifax International French School

International and mobility

Working in a multicultural, bilingual environment

French-English bilingualism is at the heart of LIFPA’s pedagogical approach. It’s the ability to express oneself in both French and English, orally and in writing, with the same precision and finesse. This means learning from an early age and real cultural immersion. LIFPA students can be English-speaking, French-speaking or bilingual. They can be bi-national or allophone in English and French with an international nationality (excluding France and Canada). Multiculturalism is an integral part of our learning dynamics and a fundamental educational value of our school. We also welcome European students aged between 12 and 18 who come to perfect their English and for whom we are looking for paid host families. Would you like to become a host family or find out more? click here! A grid of criteria for pedagogical excellence and international openness is shared with families at the pre-registration stage.

Mobility from Canada to Europe

“I’m a student at LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax and I’d like to have an immersive experience in Europe, so I have several options”.

Possible durations :

11 months in Europe with 1 immersion in a school, in a country chosen among all our partners.

6 months in Europe with 1 immersion in a school, country of your choice among all our partners.

3 months in Europe with 1 immersion in a school, country of your choice among all our partners.

The offer includes :

  • Accommodation in a French-speaking family (France) or at least an English-speaking family (rest of Europe)
  • Full board: with the family in the morning, in the evening, on weekends and during school vacations, in the school at lunchtime during the week
  • School transportation: daily trip between 30 min and 1h30 maximum round trip
  • Flight from Halifax to the target European capital and return airport transfers
  • LIFPA school fees for the desired duration
  • Accompaniment to registration, interviews and preparatory meetings
  • A referent in Canada in the LIFPA establishment met at the first interview
  • A referent in Europe met upon arrival at the airport of the final destination

What are the benefits:

  • Benefit from the extensive international network of LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax, and the worldwide network of Don Bosco
  • If you choose France, you will follow the same program as at LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax.

DEPARTURE with one or more institutions in EUROPE :

A pedagogical review is carried out with the young person before leaving LIFPA to anticipate any need for “catching up” on site or for additional courses in the destination establishment(s). Depending on the length of their stay in Europe, students will meet with their educational advisor on their return to LIFPA to assess any needs they may have.

FAQ parents / families

No harmonization has been implemented, as programs and content are the same in France and at LIFPA. On the other hand, the educational teams can carry out an assessment of the student’s skills before his or her departure in order to set up a support system if necessary for the courses in the destination institution.

Yes, regardless of the number of applications, the selection is based on a file and an interview.

Vacations in Canada and France are very close in terms of dates.

A survey of each family and a visit to the host home are carried out by our staff before any new students are welcomed. A post-hospitality survey is also planned each time.

We tend to favor the link with the host family and the local correspondent. Ideally, calls and links with family back home should be limited to encourage immersion.