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The Lycée International Français des Provinces Atlantiques Don Bosco will open its doors in Halifax in September 2024. It will welcome not only Canadian students from Halifax and the surrounding area (of all nationalities), but also students from France seeking international mobility for 3, 6 or 11 months. Why come to LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax? LIFPA is a school for students aged 5 to 18. The teaching is done in French language with the program of the National Education of France. This program will enable students to find their way around the various universities in Nova Scotia, Canada, the United States and Europe. Our school is designed to be a high-performance facility that will allow students to earn multiple degrees and certifications. This is an international high school! Languages and mobility are at the heart of our organization. You can also find out more about our family services on our website. It is also an institution that pays attention to the student and the people. Special needs are taken into account in the implementation of schooling. The institution has many partners around the world, which is one of its strengths. Our ambition is to create fulfilled, confident people. This is also the identity of the Don Bosco schools throughout the world. So, welcome to LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax.

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LE LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax is based on the Salesian project of the Province of France, which is based on total confidence in the student and his or her ability to flourish in education, thanks to the caring and attentive support of the adults around them. As a Lycée International Français supported by the AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger), LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax works in harmony with all French lycées abroad and participates in the programs offered by the AEFE. It is also linked to Salesian establishments in France and develops international mobility. It aims at the development of the whole student and promotes the learning of languages, arts, entertainment and sports.

Salesian Network

The Lycée International Français des Provinces Atlantiques welcomes its students to the heart of the Salesian project. This network is established in 137 countries. LIFPA Don Bosco Halifax is attached to the Province of France.

The Salesian network was born in the 19th century under the impetus of Don Giovanni Bosco in Turin. Don Bosco was a priest educator, a great pedagogue, who dedicated his life to reaching out to the most needy, offering young people, wandering the streets of Turin, a chance to receive an education.

In the midst of the industrial revolution, Don Bosco chose to turn his attention to these young people who were on the sidelines of success and society, by creating an innovative educational system, combining education with professionalization, and entirely focused on strong pillars: affection, trust, and reason were all values that Giovanni Bosco placed at the heart of his pedagogy, and, above all, at the heart of the relationship between adults and young people.

Don Bosco centered his education on the belief that every young person is gifted with reason, and capable of understanding the expectations of the society around him and of the adults responsible for his education.

From this belief comes a total confidence in the student and his ability to flourish in his education thanks to the caring and attentive support of the adults around him.

Salesian education bases its relationship with the student on listening, attention and affection. Thus, the desire is to see each young person grow up knowing that they are listened to and heard, not in a repressive way, but in a preventive way: taking care of each and every one of our students, offering them a place in the relationship, an attentive ear and an interest in their personality, their talents and their aptitudes are all values that the Salesian network maintains on a daily basis.

Don Bosco asked his teams to be present in the heart of the playground, and to play with the young people entrusted to them. Nearly two hundred years later, educators and teachers at the Maisons Don Bosco attach great importance to play and sharing through sports, recreational or artistic activities, in order to experience the adult-student relationship in a new way.

LIFPA is part of the Salesian project and carries its values on a daily basis. Our students are welcomed with respect for their individuality, the quest for academic success and, above all, for personal growth and the revelation of all their talents.