Halifax International French School


Grade 11

16 years old

Grade 12

17 years old


The Première class introduces specialty courses while maintaining an important common core. It becomes a key step in the process of choosing a career path. The student chooses 3 specialties. The Terminale class reinforces specialization with a view to higher education. The student keeps 2 of the 3 specialties chosen in Première.

Main axes

We offer a relevant and useful program that integrates innovative pedagogy and assessment to give meaning to academic learning. As well as stabilizing knowledge and know-how, we develop skills that are essential for social and professional life.

Première and Terminale classes (grades 11 and 12): the Terminal cycle

The aim is to build a solid culture based on the skills acquired in previous years.

The scientific field is strengthened because it is based on theoretical concepts and trains in the singularity of scientific reasoning. Their aim is to help students understand the specific nature of scientific knowledge, in terms of practices, methods and social issues.

Choice of route

First class:
  • 3 specialties to choose from (among the 4 offered)
  • A maximum of 1 option (from the 3 available)
  Senior year:
  • 2 specialties to keep (out of the 3 taken in première)
  • A maximum of 2 options (among the 3 available)

Developing soft skills

Developing soft skills and demonstrating courage and perseverance are essential qualities for the development of the whole individual.

The aim is to promote ambition by setting personal goals and offering students the opportunities and means to achieve them.

Fostering creative thinking, working collaboratively, studying in complete serenity with personal support when needed, and developing the ability to adapt to a constantly changing world are among the core values of our pedagogical project.

Succeed in high school, succeed in high school!

  • Methodological support.
  • Support in choosing your career path.


Enseignements communsPremièreTerminale
Histoire et Géographie3h3h
3e langue vivante : libanais, espagnol ou allemand4h304h
Enseignement scientifique2h2h
Education Physique et Sportive2h2h
Le mot du jour / culture religieuse ou Catéchèse1h1h
SpécialitésPremière (3 au choix)​Terminale (2 au choix)​
Physique Chimie4h6h
Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre4h6h
Sciences Économiques et Sociales4h6h
OptionsPremière (1 maximum)​Terminale (2 maximum)​
Mathématiques expertes3h3h
Mathématiques complémentaires3h3h
Droit et grands enjeux du monde contemporain3h3h

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