Halifax International French School

Middle school


Grade 6

11 years old

Grade 7

12 years

Grade 8

13 years old

Grade 9

14 years old


The collège admits all students at the end of elementary school, with no entrance exam. It allows all students to be educated in a single setting.

  • The schooling at the college consists of four years: the 6th, 5th,4th and3rd.
  • Compulsory schooling is organized in three-year cycles, which give the necessary time to learn better. In middle school, 6th grade is the last year of cycle 3, the other levels constitute cycle 4.

Main axes

The college offers an innovative approach to teaching and learning, integrating methodology courses and a program combining academic learning, sports and cultural activities.

Our aim is to enable our students to acquire a deeper understanding and position of learning that prepares them for the future.

Particularly structured and explicit teaching: give meaning to learning and see it as a progressive process. Take into account the special educational needs of certain students, who require appropriate teaching arrangements.

Understanding is essential to building solid knowledge. All courses are concerned.

The aim is to enable students to develop skills across disciplines and in cross-disciplinary paths (health, citizenship, artistic and cultural education).

All disciplines contribute to developing students’ abstraction, modeling and creativity, with the aim of shaping critical minds.

The school aims to develop a spirit of responsibility and commitment, as well as the ability to undertake and cooperate with others.


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